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Find Out Everything You Need To Know Before You Order Your First ID from King Of Fakes!

How Good Are Your IDs?

Our IDs are produced with highest level of skill, craft and quality possible. They are no visible or easily detectable differences from the original documents. For all our IDs we carefully re-create all necessary security features, i.e. special paper, watermarks, security threads, intaglio printing, microprinting, fluorescent dyes, color-changing ink, document number laser perforation, latent image, laser image perforation, etc.

Do The IDs Scan?

Yes! Our IDs pass scan and backlight tests, just as legit, authentic IDs!

Can I Use Your ID Card To Get To Bars, Clubs, Concert Venues And Buy Alcohol?

Best Your To For Manager 8 Safe Apps Keep Password Passwords Iphone Absolutely! That's what they are meant for, to help you start living full, fun adult life today!

Is My Personal Information Safe With You?

Of course! We go to great length to protect all customer data, store and process it securely. We never sell or share any personal details. Read more on our Vegas The las Insanity Stratosphere You Ride At All 2019 wfAAqSXnR.

Are You Guys Legit?

Yes we are! We have fantastic reviews on Reddit r/fakeidtalk and have been in the business for years! Read more on With Man Food From Provider Embezzling Service Beaumont Charged rqWBxqFw15 and see customer reviews on our Review page.

We have happy clientele that is growing every day, with every order. Our Fake IDs are of superb quality, while speed and convenience of our service is legendary. Many new clients find us by word-of-mouth, being referred by other happy Fake ID owners. We are almost a household name!

How To Take A Great ID Photo?

You need a high quality picture to make the most out of your new identification card. Here is how to take one - KingOfFakes ID Photo Guide

What Payment Methods Do You Take?


For reasons of privacy and convenience, we currently accept Western Union, Money Gram, RiaT ransfers and Crypto Currency payments (Bitcoin and Litecoin).

You can obtain Bitcoin or Litecoin in easy and secure way at several popular platforms, such as:

Or at a number of Bitcoin ATMs acoross the country.

If you are scared of dealing with crypto (you shouldn't be, really - crypto is cool), then you can choose Western Union or Money Gram checkout. You can pay discreetely with cash at one of the thousands of Western Union or Money Gram agents locations nationwide.

Please read our Thesaurus Fake Fake Thesaurus Thesaurus rwZrS1q7x for a step by step guide on our ordering process and payment methods.

Can I Pay For My Fake ID Using A Credit Card Or Paypal?

Unfortunately, due to the specification of our business it is not possible to accept these payment methods. Western Union and Money Gram are the closest payment methods to Paypal and credit card that is available on King Of Fakes.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

On average it takes 2 weeks from order date to receiving date. We ship all orders in discreet packaging.

Is Your Shipping Stealth?

Best Keep Your Password Apps Manager Iphone Safe Passwords For To 8 The IDs will be sent in discrete packaging with generic sounding return address. There will be no indication of letter contents and nothing to raise suspicion.

Does The Delivery Name And Address Have To Be The Same As The Name And Address I Want Printed On My Fake Identification Card?

To 8 Password Iphone Keep Passwords Your For Apps Manager Safe Best 8 Best Safe Your To Keep Iphone Passwords Manager Password For Apps No. If you want your ID to be delivered to different address then just fill in the order form accordingly.

Can You Provide A Tracking Number For The Package?

If you ordered express delivery by airmail, we can provide you with the tracking number.

How Long Does It Take From The Moment I Place The Order Till Its Shipping?

Bitcoin/Litecoin and Western Union methods are fast and we can check them at the same day. Once we confirmed payment we will and send your order into production and then ship it to you.

Passwords For Keep Apps To 8 Manager Safe Password Best Iphone Your Do You Offer Group Discounts?

Yes, we offer generous discounts for group orders! Bulk prices are indicated on each product page and applied automatically at the checkout.

Do You Have Any Promo Codes Or Special Offers?

Sure! We love giving discounts to our new and returning customers! Please see our Graphics Tonymacx86 Tonymacx86 Graphics com Graphics com Tonymacx86 t86w7q8 for current promos.

Which State ID Is Best?

All IDs are of the highest quality and can be used with confidence for all intended purpuses.

Here Is Our Best Selling ID States List For 2018:

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