This is a list of certified scammers. DO NOT buy from these websites. They will take your money and not send you anything. They are all based in China/Thailand/Hong Kong. – dofake and chfake is a scam. It is the same scammer and he has been around for years.


He offers every Australian state for just $50 (yeah right, lol) yet all the pictures he has stolen from other websites. Notice how he does not have a single photo of an ID that he has made.

Ready Immigration Gets Workplace Fire And California Ice For Raids Don’t take our word for it – read the following posts from people who have been scammed by him:

Post 1 – ”

“I ordered from them too..
Feel like a fucking idiot now. Even paid extra for fast shipping. Now i ordered from FakeIDaustralia. Guess we all live and learn..”


Post 2 –

“Lol there have been so many posts about dofake recently. At least it should be clear to people now that they are a scam.”

Post 3 –

“Stop your friends from ordering from dofake, they are scammers that are very convincing on paper, but cut off all communication after you pay. Just search up “dofake scam” or something and plenty will pop up. I got scammed for $100. do not buy”

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“If you happen to run across a fake ID site called look somewhere else, I’m doing this to save other people from wasting their hard earned money and time. I was recently scammed out of 120$ from this Chinese website claiming they make perfect ID’s that scan, micro print, blah, blah, blah. They make it sound really good like they can be trusted, they tell you they have email support which is a lie! I sent 15 emails with no response back just the same automated message over and over again. I tried to post this on another review site like and the admin wouldn’t approve my message of the truth so everyone can see it. What a bunch of Chinese scum bags and everyone else that is scamming people. Order from them at your own risk and don’t believe all the “good reviews” and if you seen them on like I first have they are a lie they were paid to say they’re “legit”. I don’t want anyone else being scammed by these low lifes.”



Jason says:

Hi i was scammed by do not trust them as they will just take your money and you will never hear from them again no matter how many emails you send.

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